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Will there be world war 3


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I also hope it won't happen, but of course it's inevitable. We're a species that in it's entire existence has always waged war. And with most small countries being bond in treaties (NATO), and other countries taking up half a continent(USA, China), this would mean that if war would occur between for instance China and any Western country, you would speak of a World War.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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I don't think it's inevitable. I agree that violence is in our nature, but I also think that it's become clear to everyone that with modern weapons the consequences of war are just too great. Logic will trump our base instincts.

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handsdown(142) Disputed
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If we can all agree that violence is an essential part of our lives, we can also say that based on all the terrorism occurring today, something will happen that will trigger a set of events that will lead to another world war. A great example is the assassination of the Bosnian (I think that's right) archduke that triggered hatred toward Serbia that led to WW1. It's bound to happen, and it will be deadly.

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yes i reckon some country in the east will declare WW3 and it will be mayhem

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WWIII is inevtable because our existance on earth has acomplished nothing without war and eventally we will go to war over the limited oil supply. well thats what i think will start it or at least be one of the contributing factors

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I agree with dcool15 that we will be going to WWIII cause of low oil supplies.

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It is inevitable. It's a shame that this world of ours will be destroyed by humanity.

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I see all those shinny, new buildings in Dubai and I'm like, are those so that we have something to shoot at once the war starts? ;) kidding!;=utf-8&oe;=utf-8&rls;=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client;=firefox-a&um;=1&sa;=X&oi;=image_result_group&resnum;=5&ct;=title

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it's that time again

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Hope not.

Modern full scale war is just about the worst thing that could possibly happen.

With God On Our Side
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I should hope not either. If there is a WW III they're be no one left to document what brought the world to distinction.

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First of all, countries don't declare World Wars, countries declare war on other countries and other countries get involved, and then even more countries get involved, and then somewhere along the line, either during a long war or after the war ends, it is declared a "World War."

Secondly, I think countries today are a little smarter than they were back in the 1910's and 1930's. With modern communication technology, leaders of even the most radical and remote countries are able to be informed to the level that they understand the military might of other nations. There are too many powerful countries today that would get involved in any war in any region of the world.

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pvtNobody(642) Disputed
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I think you overestimate the rationality of the human race. Not a bad thing mind you, simply unrealistic.

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I agree with your statement that countries are better informed. We digitally spy on each other constantly. Additionally, I think the general population is better informed through the constant flow of 'leaks'. In the past, dictators were quick to start wars because if they won, they could always blame the other guy for starting it. If they lost, it won't matter.

Currently, political decisions are so public that CNN knows the landing site of an invasion before the troops do. Therefore, politicians are hesitant to start wars they will get blamed for, even if they win (re: President Bush)

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