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Yes,they will advance No,they will always be poor
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Will third world countries stop existing?

Yes,they will advance

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No,they will always be poor

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I don't care if they advance or not. I just want them to go away and stop all their whining about the haves and haves not. ;)

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No, in fact, I suspect that more and more countries will fall into the the third world category.

Side: No,they will always be poor
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Its not that they will always be poor its that somewhere someone will be poor one country may rise and another may fall. For example Ireland was extremely poor for a huge period of time and although not very rich now they can hardly be considered third world. I do believe that certain countries that are in the inhospitable areas of the world will have an incredibly difficult time getting out of poverty it is still possible. For Jesus taught that the poor will always be among us and anything Jesus said is truth.

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It is sad but poor countries will always exist. It's a part of human nature.

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Uspwns101(444) Disputed
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Its incredibly difficult to fall from number one ot bottom of the list, take a look at Great Britain no longer number one but still in the top, ridiculous statement made by an unpatriotic person. Lack of patriotism is often cited by historians as a cause for the downfall of a nation.

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