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 Will this guy be throwing any shoes any time soon? (7)

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Will this guy be throwing any shoes any time soon?

How long does it take for a broken arm to heal? I guess expressing strong emotions can be detrimental to your health ;)

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As much as I dislike Bush. And in spite of that, due to Dick's recent comments, I believe he is undoubtedly guilty of war crimes, (and not just an idiot who through astronomical circumstance accidently found himself in the White House, where he most definitely was never genetically or cerebrically intended to be,) I don't like the idea of anyone throwing anything at the leader of our nation. Without due process at least.

So no, that specific guy will throw no more shoes. Not anytime soon anyway.

Unfortunately history I'm afraid has only begun throwing the proverbial shoe at him, whom will I'm positive at this point will be judged as one of, if not the worst leader, of any free nation in history.

As a side note. Just how close to being a truely westerninzed free nation can a country be if they still beat political dissedents nearly to death?


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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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wait a few years

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Here's a picture of Bush trying to avoid being hit by a shoe.[email protected]/3112940773/sizes/o/

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poor dude, he had a good reason to do it and im pissed it wasnt a hand grenade he threw.

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Beware the C.I.A.....

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He probably throws like a girl and sprained it when throwing his shoes.... wait.... I've yet to meet a woman who has sprained her arm after throwing a shoe at some guy. Maybe he needs a lesson in throwing from a baseball pitcher or (better yet) a Palestinian rock thrower ;)

I better STFU before he throws a shoe at me ;)

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