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Will women be imprisoned for having an illegal abortion?


Heritage Foundation touting a “thoughtful proposal” to commit women who have abortions to “mandatory psychiatric custody”.

Well, I guess so.



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Yer crazy, excon

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You can't really say anything. The left has doubled down on crazy for the last 5 years, so the right is mirroring their tactics. It was you who once said it wasn't the left's fault that the right had no tactics and didn't know how to win the game. Well, much of the modern right are disaffected liberals who see the right as the more liberal of the two parties now. They've brought their tactics and strategies with them. Why compromise when the left refuses? Enjoy the show. No love taps anymore. Just haymakers.

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excon(18074) Disputed
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You can't really say anything. The left has doubled down on crazy for the last 5 years,

Hello B:

Sooooooo, since the left went crazy, the right wing should too.. Yeah.... That'll work.

I also notice that you IGNORED my post.. I guess that means you support putting women in a lunatic asylum for having an abortion..



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JackAce(52) Disputed
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that means you support putting women in a lunatic asylum for having an abortion

We could just put them in jail for murder instead. Sounds like a light sentence for murder to me. I'm pretty sure the going rate for a planned murder is at least a couple decades. The looney bin is actually a pretty cheap price. You're not pro murder are you?

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BrontoLite(759) Disputed
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Sooooooo, since the left went crazy

I'm proud of you Con. Admitting it is the first step. (Wipes proud tears from eyes)

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Developing(494) Disputed
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Excon, I agree with you that the left has gone crazy.

"Sooooooo, since the left went crazy" - Excon

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Nemesis1(21) Disputed
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So far you've approved of running a President into a bunker, an attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh, rioting in front of a Supreme Court Justice's house (which is illegal), attacking a federal courthouse, taking over city blocks with guns and shooting 6 people, 5,000 gender pronouns, attacking the Supreme Court building, etc. Abortion laws aren't as crazy as any of that shit, so you'll be fine. You support crazy, so why stop now?

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Yeah you're right, excon. The left has always been insane. I'm at the point where I will show no mercy in debates towards snowflakes.

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Yes they should be arrested. Babies are made from ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. The decision isn't exclusively to the woman alone nor the man!

To prevent pregnancy in the first place, just don't choose to have sex, to all the women out there who get yourselves prego by sleeping with a man. If you want kids, ladies & gents, just find someone to marry of the opposite sex/opposite gender. But I advise you choose wisely, love takes patience and a relationship is a big responsibility. Men choose one woman each carefully and don't steal each other's wife. Women, choose one man each carefully and don't steal each other's husband.

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Of course they will. They've murdered babies. It's a crime against humanity and crime doesn't pay.

"Man or woman, a sick mind can do anything." - Batman to Poison Ivy (who hates all men)

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