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Will you kill something you raised?

Just wondering because I can't. I raise 12 chickens and people come to me asking me am I going to kill them and fry them? I say no because I have a heart for them. I cannot kill something I raised because it's sort of like you are killing your own baby to me because pets are your kids. I can understand if your pet caused problems to people that my seem threatening then you have to have it put to sleep but that also would be very hard for me to handle.


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If I got it with the intentions of eating it, or whatever, then yeah, no problem. But if you got it as a pet then you raised it like a pet and that's completely different.

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No, I couldn't do it... I couldn't kill anything though... I'm not saying it's wrong, I eat meat, but I couldn't do it personally.

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That's alright same with. me.

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I couldn't kill something period, but if you get an animal to be raised as something you are going to eat...I think thats different from raising the animal as a part of your family. I couldn't ever kill one of my pets no matter what though.

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I want to live on a farm when i'm an adult but if I got pigs and chickens and cows....i'm not sure I cold get rid of them...or kill them to eat...if it weren't for medium rare steak, I could be a vegetarian.

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