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DigiHoops: The next generation in LED hoops!



DigiHoop is a smart 100 RGB LED hoop that is microprocessor controlled and weighs a mere 18 ounces. DigiHoop is both Hardware and Firmware upgradable. This means that when we come out with new features like Bluetooth smartphone integration, all you will need to do is send the hoop back to us for the hardware upgrade. Firmware will be Hooper upgradable, and eventually you will be able to design your own custom patterns then download them along with your playlist to your hoop. There will be a social pattern website ( where Hoopers like you can design, exchange, and download custom patterns.



We have taken the latest technology and crammed it into a standard sized hoop. Each hoop has a microprocessor that can individually control each of the 100 RGB LEDs. We wanted DigiHoop to have a continuous ring of light and not show a battery black spot like other led hoops. We solved this issue by designing custom sized Lithium Polymer batteries (like the one in your smartphone) and placing them inside the inner ring of the hoop, behind the leds. We use four 1.2Ah batteries giving us a total capacity of 4.8Ah, with the ability to add more if we need to. This gives us an astounding runtime of up to 6 or more hours depending on the active pattern. Charging the hoop is just a matter of plugging in a standard USB charger or cable. DigiHoop doesn't have external switches or buttons. We felt that they just got in the way and would break easily. So instead we use internal magnetic switches. To turn DigiHoop on you simply slide the hoop inward from its charging position to the run position and it turns on. To change the pattern you are running, wave the included magnet over the DigiPoi logo and the hoop will advance to the next pattern in the playlist.



We believe that your hoop should express who you are, be easy to use, last for an entire evening of hooping, and most of all, be rugged enough to stand the test of time. All too often we run across Hoopers that have stacks of hoops in their closets because each one only has one pattern, or very few modes. Our vision is simple: Make one hoop that is upgradable and reusable that can replace all the others.




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Well, well, well...., ain't you a blast from the past ;)

Welcome back. It's been a long time.

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Yes, I think my kids would like this...but only in the dark!

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