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Willpower vs Physical strength


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Physical Strength

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The smart choice is willpower, but the need at any given point in time might value strength more.

Luckily this is just an artificial either/or choice It's wise to have both.

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viru(1) Disputed
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physical power wont be of any use if one doesn't has the willpower & presence of mind to use it...It will be highly quixotic to assume that only physical power will make u win the battle

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Grenache(6058) Clarified
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Right, and that's one scenario. That's not the only scenario. You can also be that kid on the football team who is ridiculously bigger and stronger than the other kids, and even though you really didn't want to play to start with, and you literally can push and drag the other kids around the field without even trying hard.

There is a time and place for either.

And just like strength without willpower may thwart you, being incredibly strong willed but having no physical strength at all can thwart you, too.

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