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 Wind turbines off Ocean City beach are upsetting the Green Democrats (1)

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Wind turbines off Ocean City beach are upsetting the Green Democrats

Developers of two wind farms off Maryland’s Atlantic coast say they will build turbines more than 200 feet taller than those initially proposed, intensifying fears of spoiled views from Ocean City and prompting state regulators to reopen discussion about the projects two years after blessing them.

The Maryland Public Service Commission is seeking new input on the potential impact of the windmills, roughly 20 miles from shore but several hundred feet higher than Baltimore’s tallest buildings. Potential impacts could include harm to birds or commercial fishing, though the strongest opposition has focused on an expectation that wind farms visible from shore would send tourists fleeing to beaches with pristine views in other states.

So the Democrats do not really support the Green Energy they want.

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Watching the Democrats fold on Green Energy is just hilarious but not unpredictable.

This funny right here.

“It will change the horizon off the town of Ocean City forever.”

Says Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan

AlofRI(2844) Clarified
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What makes you say it's "Democrats" that are objecting?? Seems to me that the people who own ocean side property are largely rich capitalists that can afford the "homes with a view".

Living in an ocean state I've heard the same objections about OUR large windfarm off our coast, but, few of the complainants can be considered "Democrats" or liberals, they're largely capitalist conservatives. If the Mayor is a Democrat I'm sure he's being pushed by the big business people and his friendly local capitalists. ;-)

If one type of wind turbine was proposed and accepted, and that is not being adhered too, I don't blame the people of either side …. and I don't think that's funny! It's not "funny" when capitalists go beyond the "regulations" whether they be liberal OR conservative! :-(

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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Democrats crying about Wind Turbines but Democrats want renewable energy.

Do Democrats support renewable energy or not.