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Windowless planes are 10 years away.

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I think it is a cool idea, but it could be come an issue like seeing that lightning strike right off of the wing tip in life size 4K video.

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Agreed! That's the point I'd flip out and huddle under the seat. LOL

lighter, more aerodynamic, easier to keep cool, more fuel efficient, quieter, roomier, stronger, safer, cheaper to make & maintain - what's not to like?

Only question is: who controls what the screen displays - the person in the 'window' seat? ;)

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the idea is cool but on the other hand ,we will only see clouds below us and nothing else..

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We should already have windowless planes - safety is meaningless.

corpse(49) Clarified
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I honestly don't know why they call the concept "windowless" -- makes it sound like the people will be flying through the air with gaping holes next to their seats.

What they're talking about is making the entire fuselage from OLED screens, so passengers can use the body of the airplane to track their flights and project the sky outside.

I don't know how I'd feel about that. O.o

Big deal. All this amounts to is building Wonder Woman's invisible plane. Like this is a new idea.