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WinklePicker is SS who was Hellno to begin with.

In this debate, I first ban Hellno:
Hellno is also well known for calling me a virgin as an insult:

Once he got banned, it was WinklePicker who replied to my reply to him:
^ click that link for context.

Here's the reply on its own:

Once he got banned, Slapshot used the language of WinklePicker combined with a common taunt used by Hellno to reply to me elsewhere in the debate:

The message is too big to screenshot for this site's coding (it shrinks it to fit) so I have posted it to this link:

Here is the transcript:

 SlapShot(2588) Disputed Banned
1 point

Here's the deal, numbnuts.

I don't like you.

Never have.

You're a smart ass little bitch.

Oh...and a liar.

You say you are in North Korea?


No internet there for citizens.

A very small elite few have a semi online sort of net called kwangymon. But even this is not our net that CreateDebate is on. Kwanggymon is only an intranet. All inside North Korea with no USA websites.

So are you going to now admit you're a liar? And a little teenage virgin nerd bitch? Or are you gonna continue to make a fool of yourself.

You fucked up when you pissed me off back last Spring.

Fuck with a bull, get the horns.

Have a nice day!



Here is my reply:

 instig8or(3239) Disputed
1 point

You're a bull huh? I'm a fucking matador.

You're the SS huh? I'm Churchill.


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Atrag(5666) Banned
1 point

attention attention attention attention attention attention attention

Is this enough or do you need more attention?

Side: Xploited
1 point

When are you gonna admit I busted you as a liar?

You're not in North Korea like you said.

So why should we believe anything you say?

It's all total pure unadulterated bullshit.

Pure fiction.

We all know it.

You have no friends here, gook boy.

Now....bugger off.



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instig8or(3308) Disputed
1 point

I have friends here, they are seen under 'allies' on my profile.

That being said, I don't come to this cancerous site to make friends. I come here to have fun.

Side: Xposed
1 point

Being your from North Korea you should be more concerned with South Korea and Kim Jong Un.

Side: Xploited
1 point

But he is not in North Korea. It is impossible.

No citizenry there has access to the Internet o which CreateDebate resides. The available servers in North Korea are all internal, and heavily sensored. It's an Intra net. Called the Kwangymon. My lab instructor helped design it, and just returned from Korea a couple weeks ago. Told me all about it.

So why pay any attention to a liar? He is useless.


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