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 With a good Fox news moderator, he asked Hillary about her no limit abortion support. (11)

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With a good Fox news moderator, he asked Hillary about her no limit abortion support.

Finally, we have a non biased moderator who asked both candidates tough questions.
As I have repeatedly given you the facts of Hillary's no restriction abortion support, you deniers finally have the facts on national TV.

She also did what all Democrats do and spoke of the Life and "HEALTH" of the mother when explaining their inhuman support of infanticide. First off, life of mother abortions are allowed up to birth in the GOP 20 week abortion compromise.

We all know that "health" is the buzz word for ANYTHING GOES, ALL ABORTIONS ARE LEGAL!
Any women who wants an abortion one week from birth simply says she is depressed about the pregnancy.
Depression is a health issue! HELLO?

These are the barbaric politicians who have the values of animals. What's even worse is the self love voters who keep this inhumanity legal with their votes.

The GOP wants a 20 week abortion limit(unless extreme cases including life of mother), but Democrats stop them EVERY SINGLE TIME with ludicrous health of mother excuses.

Hmmmm, lets see, a full term viable baby days from birth can be killed in at least nine States, because the Democrat party tied to the abortion lobby, refuses to stand up for our innocent children's lives.

The Democrat party is the new age party of self love, inhumanity and corruption. They care more for the feminist vote than they do our most innocent of children's lives!
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Yeah and it backfired horribly. It proves the Republican stance on abortion is horrible and that Trump hates the Constitution/Supreme Court.

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Your candidate shredded the Constitution by taking foreign contributions from countries hostile to the U.S., selling U.S. technological secrets to China (Chinagate), and obliterating laws on national security and FOIA concerning an illegal email server. Any questions?

Cartman(18191) Disputed
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Hillary sill isn't my candidate, fuckwit.

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If you think killing a 9 month fetus is okay, then turn around and want to protect a 1 day old from guns, I'm not sure how your eyes don't stay in the position of looking in opposite directions. Or...perhaps they do stay that way, and it's my mistake.

Cartman(18191) Disputed
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Same thing when you don't care about protecting the born baby from guns, but protect it in the womb.

I don't support gun control though, so your point is worthless.

Has FromWithin ever made a post without using "HELLO?"?


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Yeah, but it usually involves "hogwash".

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My personal stance on abortion is that it should only be allowed in:

-Cases of rape or incest

-When the LIFE of the mother is in danger (that way the mother cannot claim to be depressed, as you say, and abort)

However, I have a caveat on this stance. Preaching sexual abstinence as our main way to prevent unwanted pregnancy has left us with one of the highest adolescent fertility rates in the developed world. We need to restructure our program towards teaching kids how to have safe sex. Contraceptives and testing for STDs must be made more readily available to our youth. A combination of these will both insure that we stay on the morally righteous pro-life stance as well as address the issues of unwanted pregnancy

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Did you like the responses from either candidate?

suhhhhan(19) Clarified
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Well, while Trump may be pro-life, he didn't talk about the caveats I mentioned, which I feel are essential. Then again, not many pro-lifers do talk about them.

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Multiple fact check sources have called the no limit abortion assertion false. Here's just one of them: between-clinton-and-trump/92438668/

Furthermore, a whopping 70% of the claims Trump made through the course of that debate have been deemed false. Quite frankly, there has not been a US Presidential candidate in recorded history who has who has had 70% of their content independently fact checked as false. That's disgraceful. And your continuing efforts to elevate him for doing so only shows your moral fortitude is as shallow as his.