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With the Covid cases going up, should students work from home or return to school?

There are many students who are doing well working from home, but many who are struggling to get in assignments. Some students had straight A's, and are now failing because of online work and time management. Many parents and students feel they work better at school. However, the cases of Covid have been rising, is it worth going back to school? 

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I actually, do both. Stay home and go to school. It's called a hybrid schedule. I personally would choose working from home. It is easier to manage time and is not too hard than it is returning to school.

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My kids are on a hybrid schedule. They are only in school three hours a day Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday. Personally I miss full days of school and would prefer them to be doing that however it's imperative they are safe, so until the threat of Covid is gone we will be doing more work from home.

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From my professional view, there are positives to returning to school ie social interaction and debate. However, there must be proper safeguards like social distancing and the wearing of masks to complement good hygiene practise.

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