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Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''. The F.B.I., will get you!!
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With the F.B.I., taking orders from the Dems we are now in a totalitarian state.

The die is cast. There is no going back.
America has become a one party, totalitarian state with the Democrats directing the F.B.I., and other citizen controlling forces to squash anyone or any group which appears to pose a threat to their dictatorship.
Eighty one million American imbeciles voted for the death of democracy in their own country. 

Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.

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The F.B.I., will get you!!

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Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.

For now. No tyrannical leftist government hasn't wound up mass killing their own. There's a reason China, Russia, and now America have to censor dissent. If the populace ever sees what they do in secret, they'd be drug from their estates and killed in the streets. Ask Romanian Communist Party General Secretary, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife, Elena Ceausescu. Once your genocides are uncovered by the populace, you're next.

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Norwich(744) Clarified
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The passage by Martin Niemoller comes close to describing what's happening here in Democratic!! America.

The so called Democrat party, along with the hierarchy of the political elite are using the F.B.I., to extinguish what they deem to be any serious threats to their ONE PARTY STATE agenda.

As of now there is no evidence to suggest that this SILENCING of dissension has been anything other than that of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION through innuendo, sustained false accusations supported by the mainstream-left wing media and the planting of incriminating evidence.

It's not too difficult to figure what methods the Democrats will instruct their S S ENFORCERS to employ if they feel their SOFTLY-SOFTLY approach is not producing the desired outcome.

Side: Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.
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Not only was the gross incompetency of the F.B.I., graphically illustrated whilst effecting their theatrical raid on Trump's property but they also demonstrated how they have become a highly expensive and powerful institution the purpose of which is to eliminate any serious resistance to their political master's dominance.

We have America's equivalent to the old U.S.S.R.'s K.G.B.

Side: Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.
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The F.B.I., have become irremovably entrenched in America's political system with a clear and definite bias towards the anti-American Democrats and their sinister radical left-wing puppet masters.

As Trump represents a real threat to the leftist Democrats and has dared to try to have the F.B.I. remove their boot of repression from THE PEOPLE'S NECKS they have put him on their HIT-LIST for total character assassination and are going after him with a Stalin-like ruthlessness.

The only chance Trump has in his fight against this cold-blooded institution is if THE PEOPLE of this nation peacefully and lawfully show their support for him in sufficiently high numbers.

Side: The F.B.I., will get you!!