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Women Empowerment is Becoming a Reality

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As it stands, yes. Women are increasingly becoming the breadwinners, and are becoming increasingly represented in business and politics.

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India has lacks of rules and laws. You can amend the law as favorable to women as you want but if its not enforceable , then its useless.

The rapists and molesters are more fearful now than before . They know that if they do their deed and flee to some remote part of India in time, the police will take long time to find them. So women's safety is not guaranteed at all with tough laws.

Another example, dowry was banned by the court many decades ago. So was female foeticide. Does the common citizen even care about the bans? How many people are convicted for violating those laws? Are the statistics showing a positive result for those problems? As long as people don't have the fear of law, India will remain as a lawless anarchy.

The most disturbing obstacles to women’s empowerment is the growing trend of violence .They are dower harassment, honor-killing and marital violence. Violence takes other forms to are pressure and social expectations. To each of these victims ,women’s empowerment may just be an empty ,broken promise. By this I think I convinced you .

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