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Women are not attracted to Men

While we know women often marry men, i say that the majority of women are not intersted in having relationships with men other than as friends.


Social expecations are what make women feel they want a man, but they actually don't. We see this over and over in marriages, once they get married it all gets boring and /or arguments atart.


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I think it's just that women are not attracted to YOU.

Either that, or there are women who are attracted to you but you have no clue...

I'd say that for many lonely men, the latter is the case. However, it is possible that you are extremely unattractive AND an asshole, resulting in no possible way for any woman to ever want you.


1. Stop obsessing over this. Posting your women problems on createdebate should be a sign that you're pushing away the outside world. Now, in all honesty, I feel for you, because you are merely a lost soul who is trying to learn, maybe from us. But part of the learning process is realizing that the Universe and the world isn't some terrible black dwelling, torturing you as it arouses you and leaves you for the cold. There are many wonderful things to do out there.

2. Take part in life. You can't just expect women to come to you (unless you're a very good looking man). You need to be involved in the many things going on. Join a gym, take drugs, hang out with your friends and do shit. Volunteer at the Special Olympics or get involved with a charity organization. Stop complaining about women on the internet and start doing things.

3. You're going to find that doing what's best for you is really what women find attractive in a man. It may seem strange, but maybe you just seem too desperate. Women don't like that. They want a guy who seems like he's worth a damn. How do you seem like you're worth a damn? By setting goals for yourself, and finishing them. Once again, it's about you. Do things that you want to do. Make yourself happy and useful.

4. In the end, you're gonna see that as soon as you don't even care anymore about finding a girl, they'll just come to you. Once you're involved in your own life, not giving a shit about others, you'll seem totally attractive to them.

Or do what I do, and be the dark and mysterious cute guy who ends up ruining everything once they all find out that he's funny and intelligent (oh, the drama of my past).

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It's just that women are attracted to 'good' men who are hard to come by these days.. If one day, all the women in this world decides to look for that 'good' person,only about 1 % of married women right now, would actually get married.

Many women are personally interested in progress of their career and a marriage would definitely threaten it.Their independence and also the free will to do what they want with their life would all be taken away.(Or so they feel).

A marriage would immediately follow with a pressure from parents & peers to have children.

Men can be free from these responsibilities if they chose to, even after marriage.The same cannot be said of a woman.They have this natural need to protect their child.

I guess the above arguments are reasons for women 'not showing interest' ( your statement 'not attracted' to is wrong).

P.S: It's not wrong to look for that perfect ideal partner caring, loving and understanding etc. all at the same time is it? This may last a while before a woman realizes that 'the knight in shining armor' is not coming..

Maybe you can buy a blow up doll. Blow up dolls are not interested in careers. They don't care what you look like.. They don't care if you are rich or powerful. They never say, "No" and you can buy another one and have a threesome. How awesome is that ;)

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Nope, it's just you.

I happen to be attracted to lots of men, not that I'd do anything with all of them lol, but the point is it's just you. You're obviously not attractive, and you're obviously going to be alone forever. Just accept it. Stop talking about it, and most importantly, log off of here.

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lol bwahahahahahahahahahha Well he made a new debate and he changed it up this time with the women like lesbians better but still the same purpose of his debates. Come on dude your making it seem like its that bad.