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"Women are nothing but machines for producing children" - Napoleon Bonaparte

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the same way guys are nothing but machines to produce the seed to impregnate the machine that produces the baby?

sure, why not?

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The role of women has evolved (or devoled), into the personification of a weak individual, needing protection and baised looks for our heroics to act upon. To simply say they can't be setup as breeding machines is just our heroics attempting to place value in order to recieve a mate. Women can be used to progress the human race, but the time for it to take is less than thieir obglitory responsibilities to make childen to carry on the human race.

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And men are slaves to their dicks, under the influence of memes just like woman are.

so tell me - after menopause should all women be killed since they are no longer able to have children?


Subhumans 'Slave to my Dick' Lyrics:

I put on my clothes,

They make me look dull,

I dont think about it,

I dont think at all,

I dress high class,

It makes me look high paid,

You know I'll do it baby

cause I wanna get laid.

I lied to myself and to my friends too,

And if I want your girl, I'll lie to you too,

I'll play stupid games do whatever it takes,

Cause Ive gotta have a bomb and

the times gettin late.

Well I live in the bars,

I live in the pubs,

My mind is, a blank from drinkin in the clubs,

I do a lot of talkin but I dont say much,

I cant be real cause -

I'm such a slave to my dick


It's a circular loop, the meme sends mental impulses that control behaviour and the thoughts and actions of meme members shape the meme

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-----------------------So are men.--------------------------


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All you guys are complete morons and fools! Properly understand what he says, he is not a sexist idiots :(

This is what he really meant: That men can perform all the tasks that women can perform except producing babies/reproduction.

So only women can produce babies, the translation was done wrong, some idiot translator. Think before you argue, Napoleon is not an idiot, he is a genius. So think like how a genius would think then you will get his point.

Think from his point of view and not your guys!

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They are also machines for producing sandwiches, but as a man I'm still capable of producing superior sandwiches. Now what bitch? I throw a full size steak on that motha fucka & top it with french fried onions. Oh yeah and if you bring home iceberg lettuce ima slap you back into Napoleons era.

Men are nothing but machines for conquering nations, building cities, inventing the wheel, etc etc.

Oh yeah and back in the day, there was only one reason to own female slaves. Debate that.

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Women were meant to do the grocery shopping. That's why they evolved breasts, to protect them from the grocery bags. They also evolved the shopping gene which makes them want to clip coupons and go shopping ;)

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Also, during the stage of puberty, they develop the "shop-a-holic" hormone which gives them the uncontrolable desire to buy discount goods which they don't even need or want.

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Women were also meant to do the laundry. That's why they evolved large hips. So that when the washing machine becomes unbalanced, they can use their large hips to bump it and re-balance it. ;)

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Is a Kirby just a vacuum?

Is a computer just for typing?

Is a gun just for hunting?

Perhaps Bonaparte lacked imagination when it came to women, they are machines capable of much more than just producing children... :)

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They also double up as washing machines too.

I apologise to anyone who took that offensively and the joke doesn't not imply that I am prejudice towards women or fans of Napoleon Bonaparte. (You can't go wrong in political correctness)

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Well if that were the case then men are only good for sperm donors.

Women play a bigger role than just making babies.

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Divorced men are treated like sperm donors. I think men ought to hold out and get paid for their sperm ;)

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fr0g(2) Disputed
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I'll bite. Back in the days of slavery, how many reasons were there to own female slaves? I'll give you a hint, I'm thinking of a number less than 2.

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His sex life must really suck if he thinks procreation is the sole purpose of having relationships with women.

...unless he's gay, in which case I totally get this statement.

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If I said that I agree then I might as well transport myself to a different time or Kill myself cuz I would rather not be associated with something so Bizarre. Why don't women just be transformed to Vendor machines and Milk manufacturing tech or an entertainment toy? That would do...

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I disagree. Women are much more than for producing children. I understand why anybody would make that judgement if they lived in the past where women were merely just a tool for sex and producing children. The roles of women then weren't large. However today, women can be soldiers, architects, doctors, astronauts, chemists, physcisits, etc.

Heck i want to be this one girl in college because she is so good in Physics when im not.

I don't know the roles of women in Bonaparte's time. However, if the roles were slim then you can't call his judgment bizarre. You would have to call it a past reality.

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That is the most sexist thing i have ever heared in my life woman have many important roles in life besides producing. If your dumb enough to believe otherwise then i wouldnt even go out in public because to have such a belief and walk around woman is sick. Some of the most powerful people in the world are woman.

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I agree, examples include Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and Hilary Clinton (Given), this question was supposed to bring out the point of historical change not your naivety

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I'm pretty sure Napoleon didn't even agree with this. In the earlier years of his marriage to Josephine (I think was her name) he apparently lover her more than she loved him. Later, he took on some mistresses, but that also shows he didn't want them just for an heir even if that is what he wanted people to believe.

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