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Womens Basketball


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Why Is It Even A Sport

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Well the choices here are really only showing the extremes.

Though I don't find womens basketball awesome, it is still a sport just played differently than the mens version.

Same as any sport the womens version of it is always going to be less exciting, slower speeds, and never as physical.

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Women should be able to play basketball. I don't really like basketball but hey. To each their own

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i dont watch much basketball but i support it because it makes women equal in some ways

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Why would I want to watch lesser basketball? The skill level of the WNBA is nothing special and even a mens minor league team could beat them and since I don't watch minor league teams play I don't watch womens sports.

I make an exception for mud wrestling.

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myway(2) Disputed
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WOW!! your such a guy! i bet you watch lingere womens football too dont you. Womens basketball is on a much higher level then men. I bet you couldnt even tell me what a shot clock, three point shot, foul shot, or even what layup is. maybe if your tried watching womens basketball you would see how it is on a high skill level and how some WNBA teams could beat MBA teams.

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Womens basketball has no credit for fans because in mens basketball, the game is played above the rim whereas the womens game is not.

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