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 World War III (Nuclear War) (8)

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World War III (Nuclear War)

What is the Most Possible Flash Point of a Nuclear War which leads to World War III & Their Reasons & Their Consequences ?
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I think if a country were to drop an atom bomb over Israel, WWIII would be inevitable because other countries would come to Israel's aid and start then dropping nuclear weapons on that antagonistic country.

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I think India Pakistan are most likely the major flash point of Nuclear War.

Because KASHMIR AND KHALISTAN independence are growing stronger and stronger...and too much involvement of India in Pakistan will Force them to a Possible war in Near Future. Which may lead to Nuclear war as there are max chances of it.....

If ISIS keeps it up we just might be starting up World War III.

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With who as the participants?

tmackenzie44(13) Disputed
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1) ISIS vs. Everyone

2) USA vs. Russia

3) USA vs. North Korea

Take your pick.

Accidents/computer malfunctions in silos or unstable nuclear powers like North Korea or Pakistan setting off chain reactions.

Iran will hit israel. Then shit hits fan. When it's over they'll be a few people left to start over