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World War III Scenarios

List Different possible scenarios that could be the start/cause of World War 3. Try to make sure your scenario was not already said. Also, it is assumed that this would happen in modern day, 2013-2023. Be detailed.

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North Korea does something stupid like attack some of the American bases located near by, America gets pissed off and sends thousands of troops in there to sort it out, there be a small war lasting a few days/weeks in N.Korea, then N.Korea decides to blow something else up by way of warning the American., Meanwhile, Israel is finding yet more excuses to attack Iran, they finally get their wish, and launch missiles against Iran. Iran, assisted by a few others launches a counter strike, in which America then decides to get involved in, with N.Korea at the same time. Britain sides with America, and soon after, N.Korea launches some nukes somewhere around the world, after finally getting some that can go far enough to ht America. In turn, America launches some against N.Korea, sending toxins in to China, this is the last straw for them and sees either America or N.Korea as a problem, and given America is the rival, fires against America. America then has to sort out the middle east, N.Korea and China, and some other countries then join in. IF we don't kill off everyone on the planet, I would say the entire war lasts around 1-2 years. many other countries joined in too, but they weren't part of the big picture, like France, Italy. Russia, I am not too sure on whether they would stay out or not. If they would join, they would team with China, though I am not sure if they would find it wise going against America, their old enemies.

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Taiwan declares independence. China declares war on Taiwan. The USA, being an ally of Taiwan, comes to Taiwan's aid. War.

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Population gets to exceed 200 billion, global unity has already been achieved and the government has turned us into cattle.

Their holocaust method of choice... putting huge amounts of people into an incredibly small area after feeding food which contained a state of the art drug that would allow one human being to produce an extreme amount of methane gas while shocky sticks poke you in the ass mechanically from the wall.

people revolt in the higher districts (which would be poor compare to you and me) and zombies black -op2 is born.

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Day 1: North Korea launches a Nuke

Later in Day 1: US launches multiple nukes in response

Later in Day 1: China launches multiple nukes in response

Later in Day 1:Other countries with nukes launch them to help their allies

End of Day 1: world is in ruins.

Iran finally obtains nuclear weapons.

America goes bankrupt.

The banking system collapses.

The world's economic system is in chaos.

The Arab countries attack Israel or Israel attacks Iran preemptively.

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And then Jesus shows up on a white horse and declares, "God Dammit, you fuckers have finally pissed me off with you all's shit. It's ass whipping time. And don't think I've forgotten about that little cross incident!"

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I did not know that the late JC spoke Ebonics ;)

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Iran launches a missile on Israel, and readies their army. Syria decides to join in and adds chaos. They join Iran. Iraq joins in the fight and America then decides to aid Israel. Britain Italy and France become allies of the U.S and help out. Russia remains quiet at first, but then Chechen rebels attack southern Russia, but it looks like middle eastern terrorist groups were involved. This drags Russia into the war. So there is now major chaos in the whole middle eastern area. Overall one side would be The U.S, Russia, France, Britain, Italy and Israel. The other side would be Iran, Syria, Chechnya, Iraq and other terrorist groups. North Korea may or may not get involved.