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Oh! God yes! It's a BABY!
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Would Christians approve abortion if the woman was pregnant with the Anti-Christ?

Oh! God yes!

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It's a BABY!

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I imagine they would probably say something along the lines of this anti-christ person can choose not to be.... that way.

That they deserve the chance to choose a life full of God.


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For those who believe Christian dogma, it would seem a great conflict, much beyond the moral issue. In Christian teachings the anti-Christ is a part of prophecy. The dilemma being, kill the anti-Christ -vs- let prophecy unfold as written. IMO Christians would be deeply divided yet would finally reach conscientious on killing the spawn of the devil.

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Starchild123(832) Clarified
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If prophecy is to come true, then it will not be stopped. How would we even know that the child is the anti-christ?

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Exactly. I am giving my opinion on the question about what would Christians do. I'm not convinced any of Christian dogma is true.

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Nope, because the anti-Christ has to be born for the rapture to occur, and they definitely won't stop the rapture from happening. Gotta get those 72 virgins, or whatever the hell Christians are vying for in the afterlife.

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daver(1771) Clarified
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72 Virgins !!

I'd rather have just one beautiful woman who knew what she was doing.

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