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Would I ban you?

well, how offensive are you? find out!

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1 point

You would never.

simoriah(201) Disputed
1 point

yes i would.

JakeJ(3255) Banned
1 point

I don't think you have the guts to ban me..... .... .. .. . .

simoriah(201) Disputed
1 point

oh, but i do.

1 point

Listen you little shit head...if you ban me then you'll be too sorry for words BUT, I know you can if you want to, LOL!

Warlin(1212) Banned
1 point

You'd ban me just to watch this hot piece of ass strut out the front door. flexes

1 point

Whistles at Warlin as he exits...LMAO! `````````````````````````````````

1 point

lol. sure.

1 point

please dont

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