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Would You Want Your (Straight) Lover to Come Out of the Closet?

Picture this: you've a beautiful wife (or husband, if you are female), happy, maybe with a child or two. She's gay, but you don't know it. Now, she's thinking about coming out of the closet - would you want her to stop living a lie and be happy, or continue to be closeted, but remain with you?


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Believe it or not, this has actually happened within my family. It's best to get it out there, there's no point being stuck in a miserable relationship.

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Liber(1730) Disputed
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Ah, but the relationship - though one of deception - is not, in the above hypothetical scenario, miserable. At least not for the husband of the closeted lesbian wife.

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ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
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But surely the continuous deception would inevitably result in misery for all parties?

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If your gay wife/husband isn't attracted to you than she probably won't be satisfied in bed and may even decide to cheat on you in the future (or vice versa) By allowing them to leave the marriage now, you keep your relationship intact but now platonic, save the kids a bit of suffering, and are free to pursue another person without feeling guilty about it.

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Yeah, I guess... Then I'll have more scope of remarrying the straight handsome hunk across the street I've been moonstruck by.

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