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Would a "" be rasict if it was created?

My friend was wondering if someone made a dating site for just "white" people would it be rasict. He believes it qouldnt. Do you guys think it is?


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The right term is ethnocentrist, and yes. .

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Yes it would be considered racist but that is just currently because of the minds currently in our world at the moment. Just to clarify I am speaking from a black guys point of view. And just to clarify I would not consider it racist in the slightest but in hindsight people would see it as racist. The race card would always be pulled in this situation as Caucasian has been the dominant race in the western world for a few centuries until now and because of this fa├žade that people call equality, members of other races see it as an opportunity to almost take revenge on the happenings up untill now. All races call for equality but really they want theirs to be more dominant than others. As i said before I am a black male and I would not consider this racist in the slightest but because of how the world is, worldwide it would be considered racist.

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Yes, I think it would be racist. The test is, if I were a black person (or "person of colour" or "white-challenged" or whatever the correct PC term is), would I be able to subscribe to and take advantage of the services offered by ?

Yes, there might be a; but that's racist against white and asian people.

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No, only if and because exists. If it didn't, then yes, would be consider racist.

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Sitara(11082) Clarified
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Ethnocetrist is the right word, we are all one human race. :)

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Taqwacore(668) Disputed
1 point exists; but that in itself is racist. Having a doesn't make it less racist. It's simply approving of racism.

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I don't think so. I mean it'd probably get some flames because the world is brainwashed into thinking anti racism exists, but I think it's perfectly fair.

People want to meet someone they want to meet so to make a law saying that a site can't help them do that, is damaging to freedom of expression and capitalism.

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Is a women's choir sexist?

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There is and I don't think that's racist! It's all about your preferences!

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Neither to me is racist, though I find it kind of odd personally and humorous. What is racist about wanting to date someone of the same sex, what does it matter if I am into black people, white people, or Asians? Although I am aware that this site is specifically made for black people to meet other black people, and same sort of thing with this "". However I don't think it is racist to be interested in your own race than it is to any other. Perhaps it is possible some of those people may be on it for racist reasons, but not necessarily. So I say no.

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