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Would liberals go extinct if not for social programs to keep them alive


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I doubt it for most of them. It would force them to use their survival skills and live outside the bubble and join the rest of us here in reality.

In Nom's case...extinct...

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Liberals have managed to fill the courts with activist Judges, allowing them the so called Progressive trip they are on.

If our courts return to Constitutional Judges and Justices, this extreme Left Progressive movement will die under it's own extremism.

We see how far Left the Democrat Party has gone and Americans are sick of it.

Killing viable babies for any reason! This is how selfish and barbaric the Left has become.

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The answer is NO. The "working class" will never go extinct, the 1% NEEDS us.

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AlofRI(3285) Clarified
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I don't know as we HAVE a "working class" today. It seems if they can't work with their fingertips, they don't want to work. Prices are going up because nobody even wants to drive a truck anymore! You could be right, today's working class seem extremely lazy, they want extremely high wages for extremely little work … so … you may be correct .. conservative work force. ;-)

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