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Would life be better if there was a God or not..?


 Would maknkind in general be happier if there was no God, in other words, atheists are right, or if there was a God, in other words, theists are right.

Would you prefer there was an afterlife or not? 

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Gods word keeps a lot of people in line. Without God or his word, we would most likely be in utter chaos.

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Jace(5081) Disputed
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Gods word is constantly distorted and manipulated to the use of leaders and practitioners alike who have "an unscrupulous habit of using their idol as a justification for themselves" (Nietzsche). Religious "morality" is a farce, relying as it does not upon the actuality of consequence but upon the abstract, subjective notion of sin.

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It's nice to be able to think that this crappy life isn't all we get. Also people would have generally a better outlook on life.

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It would definitely be better with. There wouldn't be tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. This would probably lead to people being less pissed off, and no war. But, all of that stuff exists, so clearly there is no God.

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You have provided no definition of God, life, or really better (and timescales in which we can measure "better").

Additionally, it is logically impossible to make any sort of judgement without having some confirmation of God right now. That is, assuming there is a God (at this moment, and whatever God is), it would literally be impossible for someone to conceive of existence without God. Similarly, assuming there is no God, it would literally be impossible to conceive of a consistent definition of what God would be.

That being said, the existence of a God is rather unimportant. For many people, the idea of a God is the important thing; living as if there is a God (however one defines God) provides a manner in which one may live, just the same as living as if there is no God provides a manner of living. It comes down to personal preference, and whether or not you see a God as being necessary for you to live a happy (however that is defined) life. I cannot say for you whether your life would be better with or without God. Only God could tell you that.

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Anyone who thinks life is better witnout God are truly mislead.

God can raise the dead, cure disease, defeat death, and make us happy.

He can protect us from anything harmful.

Imagine living in a world where there is no suffering, plenty food, mild comfortable weather, and no death.

No wars, fights, or violence. God can give us everything good.

However, many people who are blinded by Satan seem to spread lies about God. (contents of a different debate)

If life is better without God then this is all we get right here, right now.

Truth is all of us want to live peacefully and is God to blame for all the wrong in this world. No! We are to blame. We make war with one another. We do evil acts to eachother. How is life better without God?

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If someone believes in God, he has an optimistic outlook in life.

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If there is a God, presumably he is in touch with (or somehow related to) the "meaning of life," that is, with what makes life existentially positive rather than neutral or negative. If God exists, then, It gives humans a possible path to make our existences meaningful.

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there is no difference between heaven and/or hell. I can stay without sleep for months and after two months are emotionless robot and just the image if being conscious and thinking for trillions of years is just pure nightmare no matter if you are having sex with Jesus or boiling in oil in hell.

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No one deserves to burn in Hell for an eternity so I would rather that nothing were to happen after death than for Hell to be real.

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TheMuddyFox(3) Disputed
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A number of religions (and interpretations of religions) do believe in the existence of God but do not believe in the existence of a Hell, suggesting an alternate fate for those who do not achieve that religion's salvation (an alternate fate such as reincarnation or merely non-existence after death). How would you feel about the circumstance of God existing, but no Hell existing?

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Then I suppose it would be better.

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Life would be objectively better in terms of objective ethics, more efficient social evolution, and less ignorance and intolerance. But given the common weakness of the human mind to reconcile itself with reality the loss of the illusion of God would undoubtedly make some people unhappy. Then again... so does discrimination and ignorance.

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