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Would the world be better without TAX & paying for stuff?


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it would be the best ever

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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a world without roads, police, EMT, firemen, schools, military...

great idea...

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kmjnhh123(278) Disputed
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ok acutally let me re phrase that everything so free so the goveerment could get free stuff from another company like a building and so on till it comes down to what ever is suffering which is the world and its resources. so im saying every give free stuff work for free and so on.

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frenchieak(1131) Disputed
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There once was a world without tax or "paying for stuff," and that time is called pre-history. Pre-historic humans were nomadic, with few possessions because there really was no way of buying things other than trading your stuff for someone else's stuff.

This was obviously not "the best ever" because, for some reason, we moved on and never looked back.

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If everything was free from the one before, so a hardrive would be free from a store and then the shop would get free electrity etc then the people that made the hardrive would get the parts and stuff for free till it comes down to the beggining, the earths resources!!

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But such a world would only exist in dreams. There has to be taxes to make a Government operate and money is needed to buy goods.

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No, it wouldn't be better. If you completely take out tax for the world (this doesn't mean just the U.S.), there would be no government revenue coming in thus no money to go around in government funded agencies. The problem lies with tax rates going up from the Democrats and down from the Republicans; like Mike Huckabee presented, we should just stick with a flat tax rate for everything, say around 6 or 7% and if they needed to increase it a vote in Congress should be passed.

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BabyBoomerQu(60) Disputed
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Come on can't blame taxes on or against one party.

I say regulate taxes and get rid of parties! No Demos no Reps no 3rd parties.

Just the people...for the people. People need to unite not kept separate.

THAT is the vicious cycle!



~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Side: Demo and Rep are not the issue

I vote for that. One up vote.

Side: No

How could there be a world with out "paying for stuff."

Even with a barter system, you are "paying for stuff"...just different tender.

It would make those who sit around and do nothing all day do something.

But...the world would be in chaos with out money. I can't even imagine it. It would be worse than the book, " Atlas Shrugged."

or was that "When Atlas Shrugged"?

No more chaos...please...

Southern smiles and world peace,


~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Side: You are asking for more than U can chew