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Yes,he's President already No,lacks impact.
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Would this be a vote catching slogan for Big Don?


                      VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP. 

Yes,he's President already

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No,lacks impact.

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Yes, bellowed out with fervour to a rousing instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner in the background Mr. Trump could call in the painters now to decorate the White House to his personal taste. .

Side: Yes,he's President already
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No, It woud be a greate message Hillary could use to keep spewing the lies that Trump hates all those groups.

Other than Pedophiles, HE DOES NOT!

Trump is not a racist, he likes honest law abiding legal Mexicans, he likes Muslims who are not ISIS sympathisers, he likes women, he is not a xenophobe or Islamaphobe.

You see, in order for the most corrupt politician running for president in our lifetimes, to get elected, she must paint her opponent as no better.

Have you noticed all the people on this site that are crazy enough to STILL vote for criminal Hillary, that they ALWAYS without fail say that Trump is just as bad.

They have no positive successful policies Hillary has created. All they have is attacking Trump with lies and exaggerations so that with the help of the main stream biased media, they can scare Americans from voting for Trump.

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Winklepicker(1021) Clarified
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Yeah, I agree, but I thought an injection of a little 'tongue in cheek' lightheartedness in this cruel, spiteful political war of words may lighten things up a bit.

Let's balance things up;-

Come on 'Big Don', you have it won,

Hillary's a boozer and an all time loser,

Vote for her and she'll give you a scare,

She'll over tax and strip you bare.

What she doesn't do with Bill, she'll do to the country.

Side: Yes,he's President already
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No, because it's female, Trump just groped it, and the police have been called and are on their way.

Side: No,lacks impact.
Winklepicker(1021) Clarified
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All the dirt is coming out now.

Personally I think this most recent, smutty talk revelation will be the death knell for poor old hapless Donald's bid for the Presidency.

Side: Yes,he's President already