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Would word domination be a good thing or a bad thing?


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Hmm, that's hard. I think it depends on who exactly wants to take over the world, how nice they are, what they want to do to change to world, etc as well as other factors.

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I can boast a complete mastery of English and of competence in French. Word domination is essential for every gentleman and so I make it my business to possess the definition for every word in the English language.

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Ha Ha, very nice. I have no idea whether this debate is supposed to be about world domination or word domination. I guess the former. Would the moderator of this debate care to specify which one? This debate would progress further if everyone knew what they were debating about.

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What the heck is word domination ?

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Different countries are famous for different things. China for it's culture, France and Italy their food, America it's hugeness, England it's smallness in comparison to it's influence (England Rox). If one person or group of people took over the whole world, we'd all be the same. We'd have the same goverments, and if that person was evil enough to strip each countries individuality like that wouldn't have to much of a sense of human rights or stuff, huh? But then if everyone rebbelled against them (which would be unavoidable) then there would be too much unnessisary blood shed.

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