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Would you Kill One Billion People to Save the [rest of the] World's Population

If you came to face a decision, kill one billion people by pressing a button to save the rest of the population on planet earth, would you kill those one billion? Could you? 


If you do not kill them, the rest of the world dies but they survive, if you did kill them then they would die and the rest of the world would survive.

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Absolutely Not, a murderer is a murderer regardless the benevolent reasons.

I wouldn't want the one billion dead people hanging over my head. I would rather just lent the world's population disappear.

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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So you would rather doom the future of the entire Human race just because you couldn't deal with some emotional problems by yourself?

PrayerFails(11164) Clarified
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That is correct. I could care less about the future of the entire human race.

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I think I would follow a utilitarian philosophy here: do whatever benefits most of society at a cost to a few. It's cold, it's heartless, and it's based on math but I'd kill the one billion.

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I think the population needs reducing by about 1 or 2 billion so I'd do it without hesitation.

It would help if all the estate agents, traffic wardens and chaves were in the 1 billion :) sigh, if only...

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The way I see it, if I didn't kill that one billion, I would be killing the rest of the world's population, and that is not something that I could comfortably live with. I think it would become the choice of save a minority of the of the world's population, or save the entire population (excluding one billion).

Depends, are my loved ones in the minority, or the majority?

Trudistian(99) Disputed
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So, you would rather everyone die, than your loved ones? That is sad, it really is. I love my family, but not to the point of foolishness.

ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
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I haven't even answered the question yet .

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By killing one billion people 5 billion would be saved. Though yes, it would be traumatic and emotionally scarring to not only yourself, but many others as well, it would be for the greater good of society. If you were able to save 5 billion allowing the population of people on the earth to continue, it would not only be a benefit to the people you saved, but also the entire human race. Humanity would be completely ended if you were to opt out from your requirement.

Micmacmoc(2260) Clarified
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The world's population is growing. Now it would be nearly six billion saved for we nearly have seven billion people on the planet.

smbatahs1995(3) Disputed
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Not so, the choice which would be the greater good of our humanity would be to kill the largest population. We are already so corrupt and over populated. To severely limit the amount of people would be better for everything. It would be a terrible thing to have to do, but if given the choice, I've already decided what I would do. Be angry if you will, but if you really look into the way things are going for our species now, it would be a sweet release, and it would be doing the world, and all our other brethren worldly species we oppress, a giant favor.

OK, assuming that my loved ones are in a 1:6 ratio, then I would save the majority. While it is fair to say that indifference means no moral issues, saving the majority can be considered a moral good.

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Can I choose who those 1 billion people are who I save? If I could, I would choose tolerable, non-religious, poverty stricken people who support loving one another and would help form a controlled species that actually benefited each other and self-sustained their own living... I would kill all the narcissistic, wealthy, corrupt, and destroyers... Which would leave less than 1 billion I fear.

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Here to support my own argument... This is what we do to one another!!! This is why our species is the ruin of itself and all around us... It's time for a reality check, and a slap in the face of arrogance...

Here eat your greedy shit cake society!

We should give everyone IQ test and KILL the dumbest 1 billion

Slavedevice(1259) Clarified
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This would make the world better now, and would send the best gene pool to future society.

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Good luck dealing with the global economic famine that would result. You'd kill off many of the farmers and laborers that allow societies to function. You'd also be doing so based on a test that is very biased towards Western educational standards, so you'd most likely end up disproportionately killing based on ethnicity.

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Before I use simple math to answer a question like this I need to sort out a few things.

1. Which population is my family in?

2. Which population are my friends in?

3. Is the population split amongst several countries?

4. Are out enemies in one population or the other?

5. Where are the scientists, philosophers, clergy, doctors, lawyers, etc.

The I could make a decision. But either way, I would not look at this as murder, I would look at this as survival. Survival of the human race!

Micmacmoc(2260) Clarified
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They are all randomly separated. Obviously, however the majority would be in the rest of the world's population instead of the one billion. There are so many people on the planet.

The population is split across several countries across the world.

smbatahs1995(3) Disputed
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That is typical of a human. Be selfish and choose not for the bettering of humanity, but for the bettering of yourself... Clergymen? Really? It is murder though. It is wrong, but it would be necessary; it would only be beneficial if you would let it be...