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Would you give your life?

Would you give your life to save a lot , and be not be known, or would you risk your life to save one person and be regarded as a hero.

Save Many

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Side Score: 4

i say let em croak! just kidding. i would save many due to the soul fact that i might feel better after when i am in heaven. i would rather save many people and let one die than save one and let many die.

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Risking your life for one other person a glory seems really narcissistic. I'd much rather save many and receive the glory of entering Heaven (don't debate me on the afterlife, we can get into that another time). Although it would also help to know who the many people were (like the entire KKK cult?) or the one person (the president?). That little fact would sway my decision.

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Well if I'm going to die I might as well save as many as I possibly can. If I was going to save 1 person it would have to be somebody extremely important. Someone who was going to change the world for the better, or invent the cure for cancer... If it was just some homeless man who gives a flying fuck!?

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Lead by example. It's the most rational approach, I think, to teach someone the value of risking someone's life for another's than teach a lot of people nothing and let them live. If everyone wants to be a hero because they know how great it is to be saved, no one will absolutely have to die, ever.

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In case no one has noticed, I'm an extrovert. If I don't get the praise, I ain't doing it ;)

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