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Would you rather Christianity or Islam ran the world?


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Things were fine until the Libs started coddling Islam like a child. Now it's happy to destroy them.

Side: Christianity
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Christianity created the West, and Islam created the Middle East, so you tell me.

Side: Christianity
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Christianity has matured and discarded its past atrocities by the Roman Catholic branch of the Faith such as the French and Spanish Inquisitions.

Christianity is now pursuing the original teachings of Christ of peace, love and tolerance.

The underlying message of mainstream Islam is frighteningly violent and Sharia law calls for the use of violence including within the family and home as well as against the infidel who are all non-Muslims.

Intolerance and violence seems to be the cornerstone upon which Islam is founded and would explain the barbaric Muslim terrorist attacks on Christians throughout the world.

At a glance Islam appears to be the great evil in the world today and represents a return to the dark ages.

Side: Christianity

Any form of theocratic rule is a nightmare- I'll pass.


Side: Christianity
Cocopops(347) Disputed
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I respect your religious neutrality but your aloofness doesn't annul the threat posed to the infidel , that's you and I.

The sitting on the fence time is almost over.

The free ride is pulling into the terminus. Time to disembark and choose your side.

Side: Islam

Is this a trick question?

Lets see, Christianity teaches us to turn the other cheek, love even our enemies, help those who can't help themselves, etc.

Islam teaches to kill Christians for merely not denouncing their faith, to kill Gays and to kill Women who do not follow Islamic rules.

Gee that's hard one... let me think...

Ok, I want to be killed so I will pick Islam.

Christianity is not a Theocracy and should never try to run a world. Christians understand that it takes a person's repentance and free will to follow Christ. It is not something you can force on others.

Side: Christianity

Hmmmm... this is a toughy...

Middle Eastern death cult or Sermon on the Mount? 🤔

Side: Christianity

I’m Pagan BUT- if I had to choose between the two, Christianity hands down! What I’m afraid of is that Christianity is too soft and flabby to beat out a tight rule theocracy. Hitler wanted to convert Germans back to pagan roots bc he called Christianity “flabby”

Side: Christianity

Brontoraptor, if you honestly think rational people want to be led by idiots who burn women at the stake and sit on Create Debate regurgitating the lies of Hitler then you are more stupid and insane than even I gave you credit for. You are literally fucking mad pal.

Side: Islam
AlphaBowser(85) Disputed
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Sounds like you picked Christianity because Islam would kill you.

Side: Christianity
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Sounds like you picked Christianity

It sounds like you're a retarded extremist scumbag who actually has the delusional audacity to criticise other extremist scumbags simply because they don't agree with your crazed version of reality.

Side: Islam