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 Would you rather bang a neanderthal or a homo erectus? (8)

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Would you rather bang a neanderthal or a homo erectus?

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Are you referring to Trump and Mike Pence?? Well, Pence always STANDS straight! ;-)

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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DOCTOR AL what does the LGBTQ crowd do for you ???????? Come STUPID can you answer without the PARTY ???????????????

BigOats(1448) Disputed
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Does that mean a "yes" ?

Mingiwuwu(1446) Disputed
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Homo Erectus is what slowly evolved into the truly 'black' homo sapien. When you think of a proper puff-nosed alpha-as-fuck-looking black man, that's a decendent of homo erectus types that evolved into homo sapien almost entirely on their own. This was the most physically superior type of homo there was.

Neanderthals are something in between Jew and Caucasian, as well as having elements of Arab in them. Trump is more Neanderthal than Pence, neither is a proper descendent. Mike Pence, although having whiter skin than Trump, is far less pure-white-guy than Trump is. Pence likely has some Native blood and descends from a combination of Neanderthal, Homo Abilis and Homo Heidelbergensis (the latter being what inuits and native americans evolved directly from). Homo Abilis was a very in-betweener type that many North-African mixed races between black, Arab and Kurd look like: Think Somalis and Ethopians. It is very likely that Pence evolved partially from these because of the way his checks and general chest are upheld as well as the fact that his eyes squint more purely-squinted than the native Americans and inuits had it (their squint is more curved in the upper eyelid). The slenderness-yet-masculine appearance of Pence's shoulders and chest mean somewhere in his bloodline is almost guaranteed to be the homo heidelberginis that evolved into ethopians, somalis etc. There is very little likelihood he is truly white through and through. His blood test on the matter would be fascinating. Trump is very predominantly Neanderthal but there's almost certainly some Homo Abilis in him because not only of how he is a darker white than most white men (even without bronzer, there's a genuine tan-ness to him compared to a pure Caucasian and Neanderthal descendent) but also it is important to note that unlike the other homo-types, homosapiens didn't directly kill off Neanderthals, they coexisted for a lot longer than the other homo-types. This means that while white people were still evolving they still had sex with Neanderthals, meaning your Neanderthal traits are far more prominent no matter what (and accurately more prominent) than any other homo-variant if you have Neanderthal in your blood. If you factor this in and observe homo Abilis, you will see that everything non-Neanderthal and non-pure-white-guy about Trumo is Homo Abilis feature, from his more hunched and forward-run type stature (as opposed to a typical Neanderthal descndant stature which is shoulders back but chest not necessarily built well with reliance on the stomach and hip to carry the upper torso and be the core strength). Anyway, there's very little more to say than you picked 2 Neanderthal descendants to make your case. There is no way Pence is an Erectus defendant, he lacks the severe nose, the puffed out cheeks and would be a 'bigger man' in both thickness and just in general if he was a genuine Erectus descendant. Erectus is closely related to Homo Rudolfensis. A lot more white people than you'd expect are Rudolfensis descendants; Jews come from a combination of Rudolfensis and Neanderthal.

Anyway, keep researching if you would like on the matter. Our history is very interesting.

AlofRI(3289) Clarified
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I knew all that, well, much of it. I was trying to joke about Mike Pence's "rigidity" as "erectus" and the homo is laughable too. (At least to ME ;-).

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Why is it you Leftist like you some Homosexuals ??? Is that your preference ????????

Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
1 point outlaw60

downvoting comments solely to put yourself on top.

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Hillary voter what is your attraction to the gender confused ????????????

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Is your world a world of points ??????? What a bubble you live in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!