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Would you rather be on this website or playing video games.

I like both but computer games is video games but when i say video games i mean like x box and ps3 nd all them.

playing video games

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Well, see, the people that would be on the other side, ...are playing video games.

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Rationally, I would rather be on this website because it exposes me to new ideas and forces me to think. Video games (in general) arguably have the opposite effect in that they are repetitive and thus mind-numbing.

Irrationally, I would rather play video games because they're more fun and less exhausting mentally.

some people may find video games less fun than debating

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I don't like video games. I play a game for like 10 minutes, once every other month, because I'm forced to. ha. I'd rather be on the computer, not just this website. But if I'm not here, I'm either knitting, reading, exercizing, watching a movie, sleeping, or on facebook. :-)

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