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Would you rather be saved by a fictional desert wanderer or by money?

delicious capitalistic moneys

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I recently got a job and moved out of my mommies basement. I have discovered the love of money, the joyous feeling of actually having it for myself and not making my mommy buy me things. I love money now, because when you actually have it and don't live with your parents at age 40 it is wonderfully orgasmic. I am no longer a socialist, I identify as a fat greedy capitalist Jew who is also female. I will now work my way up the food chain with good old capitalist bootstrap grease and live my dream of becoming a wallstreet lobbyist and hedge fund manager.

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Side: delicious capitalistic moneys
AlofRI(2857) Clarified
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Too bad. You've let it go to your head! The love of money has ruined many because the money lovers forget to love those that helped them get it, or the system that others created that allowed "the makings".

Hedge Fund Manager … that's kind of like what they called a "Carpetbagger" after the Civil War. They loved themselves … nobody else did. ;-) Be happy ….:-(

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Chinaman(2466) Clarified
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Democrat has the love of money ruined the Anointed One. Speak to that.

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FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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If what you say is true, you are yet the very middle class workers I talk about. As soon as Millenials get a job and pay taxes, they become Republicans because they finally GET IT!

You chose to get out of your mommy's basement and finally work for what you want in life. You sure don't want a corrupt Government taking your hard earned money to buy votes from able bodied dead beats living in their mommy's basement. You now know first hand the truth of what our personal choices mean.

It's not tax payer's job to support able body dead beats from cradle to grave.

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Makes no difference to me, as long as I was saved. If it was the "desert wanderer, I would thank him / her. (And it would be a debt I owed). If it was money, I would try to pay it back. I would not have "faith" in either, but, I would be thankful to either. :-) No lie.

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Chinaman(2466) Clarified
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Democrats wander the desert when they wake up just looking for the media to direct them to that mirage.

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