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Would you tell your parent?

If you found out one of your parents was cheating on your mom/dad would you tell them if you knew it would break up their mariage. Or would you keep a secret so you wouldn't have to decide between them?

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No, it's not any of my business. If one of my parents is being an asshole, I'll let them sort it out. If I get tangled up in such a thing, it would just make MY life harder.

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Whenever you are trying to decide to do something, first ask yourself what is your intention? What is it that you are trying to accomplish by doing the thing you are contemplating.

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well no I would do something about it but certainly not tell them that as how stupid it is to do.

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It's not up to me. That wasn't some agreement I ever made, so no. I wouldn't. It would keep the pressure off of me and put it back on the people that deserve it. In the meantime, I would just hide out if I see the storm coming.

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