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180,000 in a month is a joke! Let's all join the laugh-in.
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Wouldn't it be great if we could all perceive the border crisis as funny as kamala does?

Kamala Harris laughs her way through the left wing media's timid questioning about the disgraceful humanitarian disaster on the U.S.,- Mexico border and the 10s 0f millions of tax dollars spent EACH WEEK trying to control the crisis which she and her very stupid boss created.

180,000 in a month is a joke!

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Let's all join the laugh-in.

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This awful person giggles and makes light of the happenings on our border with Mexico while proudly stating that not only has she avoided visiting the Southern border to see first hand the children having to lie on their sides in Obama's cages in the middle of a pandemic but informs her journalistic inquisitors, NEITHER HAS SHE VISITED EUROPE, YO-HO-HO, HA-HA-HA.

This callous, female narcissist thinks she is a real comedienne, except vey few find her funny.

Side: 180,000 in a month is a joke!
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While touring a number of South American countries and answering questions about why she had never visited the Border with Mexico kamala stated that;- ''while I am here in Venezuela I should concentrate on all things Venezuelan, EXCEPT SHE WAS IN MEXICO.

Joe and kamala would make a great double act.

They could have the nation rolling around in hysterical laughter as they spewed out their constant stream of hilarious gaffes.

Side: Let's all join the laugh-in.