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 Wow they are praying at the White House! (12)

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Wow they are praying at the White House!

I'm a Christian myself and I was very surprised and shocked to see all these prayers
before conferences and retreats and meetings and they end it in JESUS name, Amen.

Am I seeing things or is this too good to be true??  It's amazing to see them praying.

What are your thoughts?

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I would think after 240 years of it you would have gotten used to it by now.

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I've got no problem with religious people practicing their religion among themselves. It's their constitutional right in fact.

It doesn't change the fact Trump is a hypocrite who's life has for decades been an insult to the love and tolerance and humility exemplified by Christ. But hey, he can start now if he wants.

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Well I guess if you have a buffoon , aided by an asssistant .... buffoon running your country you will ty anything ...

Man I love Trump!!.

A true christian. And he hates gay.

If there had been president of the year award. No other deserves it than him.

Trump knows and is closer to God than the pope.

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Not even the Ghanaian rulers?

Well, I don't have such opinion about the administration here, though.

jeffreyone(1368) Disputed
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"Not even the Ghanaian rulers?"

Am disappointed in all my past presidents.

Just got a new so am watching him.

My sister hates trump.

But am a big fan of his.

AlofRI(3072) Clarified
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I think you will be hard pressed to find a previous picture of Trump in Church, unless it was for a wedding where he wished to be seen. "A TRUE CHRISTIAN"??? What a joke! As Gandhi said: "I love your Christ, it's your Christians I don't like. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Trump would only fortify his feelings! "Closer to God than the Pope"? Well, he's also smarter than the Generals ... To believe in Trump would "render us all blind" ... to paraphrase another "Gandhish".

Obviously you are blind in the left eye and don't wish to see out of the right.

Well, you DID ask for my thoughts.

jeffreyone(1368) Clarified
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"Well, you DID ask for my thoughts"

But i would like trump to prove otherwise; himself.

I am watching trump..

Maybe i am not watching him well because i'm attracted to his amusing surprises.

He is point blank and i like that.

I've seen his tv business show and i like how he runs his business.

Plus his opinion of gay.

I haven't looked at his governance yet, yet to be seen.

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Conservatives know that a large portion of their voters are Evangelicals AND other Christians. They MUST put on a good show. Progressives ALSO know that a large percentage of THEIR voters are "believers". Maybe not as radical, but, believers. They ALSO begin and end their meetings with prayers. Most of "those of us" that are NOT believers have no problem with others beliefs or rituals, we just don't want THEM telling US how we must live. I haven't seen an Atheist tell YOU you must live by OUR rules! By YOUR "book of rules". We have a FEW radicals also, every group does. I, for the most part, disagree with their fervor, but, they have the same rights as you in this country ... for NOW. If Trump makes himself KING (which he is showing FAR MORE intent to than Obama ever did! Oh, the hypocrisy!), we may lose a LOT of rights!

I can't remember a time when they WERE'NT "praying in the White House, The Capitol, The Senate, The Congress OR even the Democratic State Governments! WOW!