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Write the History of the Future.

It's 2309 CE, and you've been commissioned to write a pedestrian article summarizing a period of history. Your subject is whatever period you think we best fit into now. If you think this is the Age of Psychology, start at the beginning of the 20th Century. If you think 9/11 started the next phase of history, start in 2001. If the Geneva Convention will be the major influence on our near future, start in 1948 with the Age of Globalization. Naturally, feel free to predict the future if you think you can.

What trends do you think will stand out in the future that are too big to notice yet? During the Fall of Rome, most people, even Romans, failed to understand Rome was indeed falling, for example. I suppose this is an exercise in getting out of your own mind and looking at things in the bigger picture.

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alright then, 9/11:

Terrorists attacked, everyone supported Bush and the government in fighting the terrorists. Flags were hung and people became more patriotic than they ever have been.

2003, Michael Moore creates a crew of anti-war people who decide that Bush is a Nazi. They start burning flags and saying America is nothing but a slave holding, indian murdering, a-bomb dropping Imperialist Nation that leaves poor people to die. By the way, Cuba, Canada, and England are way better.

2005, Unemployment is officially stated as an all time low, but people don't care because Nazi Bush is in Iraq. so in 2006 they elect the Democrats into Congress and Senate. 2007-2008 housing bubble and economic collapse. Everyone blames Bush so they vote in another Democrat, Barack Obama. Obama does the exact opposite of Bush on anti-terror methods (methods that kept us safe and had prevented any terrorist attacks that were about to happen).

really, a lot like the 60s... LBJ got blamed for everything and that's how Nixon got voted in. Nixon, like Obama, talked with people who hated America (only difference was that Nixon actually got them to respect us). Nixon, like Obama, didn't actually pull the troops out like he said he would do (Obama with Iraq, Nixon with Nam). Nixon was a Moderate Republican who believed in welfare for poor Americans. Obama claims he's moderate (even though his entire policy is Liberal, except for Gay Marriage which the media ignores for some reason) and he believes in higher wealth redistribution. Nixon made scientific history with the landing on the Moon. Obama is close to making Scientific history with ending our dependence on foreign oil.

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There will be no future. One of two things will happen:

1.) SkyNet will be built and we'll be replaced with robots

2.) Some idiotic president/prime minister/whatever will launch the nuclear bomb that sets off WWIII.

Albert Einstein said that he knows not what WWIII will be fought with, but that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.

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Some experts would dispute that WWIII was the Cold War and the War on Terror is WWIV.

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Cold War was not a real war. People were expecting it, but no battles ever took place.

My reference to WWIV was simply the admission of a quote by Albert Einstein. I am neither condoning or condemning it - however, I would sooner believe that the War on Terror is WWIII then that it is WWIV.

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