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Peaceful appropriation! As we saw with Hong Kong?
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Xi Jinping states he wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan. Is this possible?

When we hear that the Chinese superpower wants a 'peaceful reunification' with a relatively small nation we instantly notice the missing words;- 'or else'.
If a super power such as China, with it's daunting nuclear capability, the largest navy and military land forces in the world not to mention its formidable air-force advises you that it wishes to engage in a peaceful reunification process with your small country, what would you do? 

Peaceful appropriation!

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As we saw with Hong Kong?

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Personally I feel that defiance would inevitably lead to a humiliating defeat of the inferior forces of Taiwan.

With broken-down, weak-kneed Biden at the helm of the free-world's leading nation it would be best for the Taiwanese government to capitulate sooner rather than later?

If its relying on America to help stem the advancement of communism it would be a better, more positive option to practice ''yodelling up the canyon.

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By the time BUNGLING BIDEN thought about what the Chinese were up to and stammered out his response;- ah, now l-li=li- list-listen to m-m-me, s-s-sorry, l-li-li-listen t-t-t to K-K-ma-ma-ma-mala, Y-y--o=you mu-mu-mu-st-st-st ssssto-p-p all th-th- this stuff.

Y-y-o-you k-k-know wh-wh-when I I I us-used to pla-pla-play ba-ba,ba basebbball I wa-wa-was a fff-fff-formidable ooo-opp-opponent.

Ah, wh-wh-what ttthhe hell are w-w-wee ah, em cough, splutter, tt-talking a-a-about?

What's for lunch?

Sweet & Sour Turkey today Joe, gobble-gobble.

Side: Peaceful appropriation!
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Side: Peaceful appropriation!
Ahoghill(1452) Clarified
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That would be a sound scenario except that in any amalgamation the smaller of the two parties becomes the poor relation while the big guy takes over all operations and imposes their business policies and in this case. political ideology.

Where is the leader of the free world and vanguard in the fight for confrontation of repression and enslavement?

Buuubuut, whaataat ddddo you mmmean?

Ah, but wwel wwhat iiis aal tthe nnoise?

Iiis iit tthis border tthing aagain?

What's for lunch?

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With Trump out of the way and Bungling Biden having displayed his timorous personality and incompetence, (as we witnessed in Afghanistan), the Chinese know that they can easily intimidate little, stand alone Taiwan into a quick submission.

As far as the Chinese are concerned the United States of America, as represented by Bungling Biden is an irrelevant, non entity.

Bungling Biden is more concerned with pampering to the demands of the 10s of 1000s of illegal immigrants flooding our country than curtailing the advancement of THE BAMBOO CURTAIN in South East Asia.


Side: As we saw with Hong Kong?