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Year Long BBC Investigation Uncovers Sickening Abuses By Israelis Against Thai Immigrants

Thai labourers in Israel tell of harrowing conditions

A year-long BBC investigation has discovered widespread abuse of Thai nationals living and working in Israel - under a scheme organised by the two governments.

Many are subjected to unsafe working practices and squalid, unsanitary living conditions. Some are overworked, others underpaid and there are dozens of unexplained deaths.


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According to your BBC story:

“Under Israeli law, Thai workers’ rights are well protected”

But since they rely so much on farmers “ Many are too scared to complain as they fear losing their income”

Hopefully the BBC was good enough to report offending farmers. Since the Israeli government carries out “400 inspections every year and since “more than 1500 investigations have been opened since 2013” culminating in fines of “more than 3.8 million USD”, it seems they take the issue seriously, and would welcome whatever information the BBC can provide.

I wonder if the BBC will do a report on the forgotten Filipinos of UAE, Bahrain, or Saudi Arabia...probably not.

Supporting Evidence: Thai labourers in Israel tell of harrowing conditions (
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The Israeli farmers, who agreed to talk to the BBC, blamed their Thai workers for the state of their accommodation and insisted that they were paid as required by law and that it was their preference not to wear protective gear when performing potentially hazardous work.

Israel’s Population And Immigration Authority (PIBA) explained that it does its best to ensure that employers fulfil their responsibilities according to the law, and that complaints are immediately investigated.

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Got any evidence for this? You didn't even provide a link, so I can't take you seriously.

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Waylife(11) Disputed
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You didn't even provide a link

I forgot to include the link initially and if I had tried to edit my post it would have cut out the end of the debate title. As I am sure other people have realised, Create Debate has a glitch which erases parts of long titles when you try to edit your debates.

That said, you have all the information about who conducted the investigation, what the investigation regarded, and how long the investigation was, so what is preventing you from entering this into Google and simply finding the story for yourself?

Are you lazy, or just stupid?

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Grugore(856) Disputed
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I'm not lazy or stupid. And at least I provide links to back up what I say.

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