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You Have To Really Gawp At The Insanity Of The American Right

So they tanked the economy in 2007. A million American families lost their homes as a result. Countless more jobs were lost. Life became thoroughly shit for a lot of Americans.

Ten years later they come back, blame the left for the shit life those people now have, then use the anger their lies produce to start a fascist cult led by an orange-skinned Nazi busted by his ex-wife for reading Hitler speeches.

America is a country gone fully mad. Normal in America is called mad everywhere else.


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To contribute even more to their stupidity is the fact that they have no values whatsoever. They fight and disagree over everything and then shut down the government when they haven't got their way. Then they defend the US cases of Coronavirus as if it's another thing to be proud of.

Well, America, be proud. There is scarcely anyone who really cares to stop you.

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