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I KNEW Move along, nothing to see
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You KNEW Trump and his henchmen were selling us out, didn't ya?


Trump Powerbroker Tom Barrack Charged With Acting as Agent of the UAE.



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Move along, nothing to see

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You KNEW Trump and his henchmen were selling us out, didn't ya?

First off, the guy lost over a billion dollars as President and didn't take a salary, and the left is known for using the tactics in the book "Rules for Radicals" such as pretending having some loose associations with shady characters isn't normal par for the course in D.C. Obama was connected in the same manner to multiple terrorists, and Hillary used those loose connections to attack him, so you can cut the act. They have used these tactics many times concerning Trump, and are doing so now. I'd ask if you care, but you clearly don't. You can't face that the Democrat Party is pure evil because supporting these psychopaths is all you have left in life. I'm sorry that that's the case.

Second off, you are debating politics on a debate site, so I'll assume you've read Hunter Biden's emails concerning his father and understand exactly why we are staring at you like you are a giant hypocrite at worst and ignorant at best.

I fully understand that it's easier to join the establishment than to face it or oppose it, but for those of us with a spine who aren't cowards who bend the knee to the powers that control the schools, media, Hollywood and D.C., licking the butts of those who are arrogant enough to call themselves "the elites", despite worshipping China as if we were a second class nation, is not an option. You may have sold your allegiance to the reds, but some of us won't sell our birthright for a crust of bread. Reference your Jewish bedtime stories about Esau and Jacob if you didn't catch the meaning of the reference.

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The American electorate sold-out the nation when they voted for Biden.

Biden is to the U.S, what the iceberg was to the Titanic, except there is no majestic music to accompany the SINKING of a NATION.

One thing you must understand why the white man's inventiveness has gotten him to the top of the pecking order;- ''the best way to predict the future is to INVENT IT.

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You KNEW Trump and his henchmen were selling us out, didn't ya?

Hello ex:

Right wingers LOVE telling me that if I don't CONDEMN something, I SUPPORT it. So, I'm waiting for them to condemn Trump, Barrack and his merry gang of traitors.

But, all I get are crickets..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha


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