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You don't understand female nature

I sure do

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I sure don't

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Most men who claim to be alpha on the internet don't understand women, especially if they are using it to sell something.

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Stephiscold(38) Disputed
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No betas understand women. That's why only alpha badboys get the hot chicks. Real talk G.

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SeverusSnape(172) Clarified
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No betas understand women.

Most self-proclaimed alphas are betas.

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Bud, I think you've been hanging out with women who are just batshit fucking crazy.

Hey, if that's your thing, have fun. If that dynamic works for you I'm not going to tell you that you should change it. But know, you're not describing all women. You're describing the women you associate with. I think the difference in our perspective is rooted in the fact that I do not tolerate crazy chicks. I'll take them fat, retarded, blind or crippled- not that I need to- but I won't fuck with crazy. And to be fair, I don't understand the nature of crazy females any more than you understand the nature of non crazy females, but I don't want to, even if there are admittedly a whole lot more of the former than the latter.

Quality over quantity is all I'm saying.

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NomIsDumb(54) Clarified
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I do not tolerate crazy chicks.

It depends which type of crazy, if you ask me. I like certain types of crazy, but not others.

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The very fact that you believe women all think the same way is proof enough that you are a complete unadulterated imbecile.

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Chinaman(2984) Clarified
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Stupid did you say you are imbecile and you are a woman trapped in a man's body.

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