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You geniuses won't have gas, but at least you got Biden


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Gas prices rocket.

Many gas stations don't have any fuel whatsoever and are therefore closed.

Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden and his coven of witches have intimated that this situation has a silver-lining as it is compatible with their green agenda and represents the shape of things to come.

Biden's economic policies have resulted in a shortage of labor combined with the largest unemployment figures in decades.

It takes a special kind of President to be able to engineer such an anomaly.

While the crisis at the southern border is totally out of control Biden and his imbecile colleagues don't even admit that they, and they alone have been the architects of one of the biggest humane catastrophes in American history.

It is estimated that at present levels there will be between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants swamping the country this year alone.

All these wandering nomads will be entitled to WELFARE, courtesy of the taxpayer.

As Biden stammers and stutters his way through his embarrassingly incoherent speeches most of the international community cringe in disbelief that this senile old geriatric is the leader of the FREE WORLD.


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The stupidity comes from Rump giving HIS nasty "friends" access to our internet WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES! That left it open to about anyone with hacking skills! The gas prices have NOTHING to do with Biden, everything to do with not protecting our grids! Capitalistic stupidity, like what happened in Texas this winter! THAT kind of stupidity, but, at least we've got Biden!

I'm sure he'll put "the best people" on the problems and THEY won't have to spend a lot of time trying to stay out of jail! A PIPELINE WAS SHUT DOWN BY HACKERS! (Allowed by the previous occupier of the White House who closed his eyes to his "friend's hacking)! That and the problem of careless Texas capitalists trying to rip off states to get their money back from THEIR OWN "STUPIDITY"!

The "spin doctor" has turned into a complete "whirly-gig" with this one!

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Nomoturtle(856) Clarified
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If it's Trump fault, why didn't all this go to shit under Trump? If it's as you say, then the dominoes were lined up and the wind was blowing, so why the gust now?

Or are the hackers playing 4D chess and are secretly Trump supporter accelerationists or something?

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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
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Once again, you're blaming someone who's not even in the drivers seat, and you're doing so with no evidence to support your harebrained claims. Seeing as the group that's done this is only based somewhere in, or even near Russia. Was more than enough information to make you start spitting out the same canned nonsense.

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Before I started my own business I was fortunate enough to work for a very successful and professional multinational corporation that sent some of its employees on management development courses.

One of the many lessons drummed into us all was never to blame your predecessor on present day problems.

Such an attitude could only be interpreted as an excuse for your own inability to examine all aspects of the company's trading policies, past and present, and employ the necessary measures to rectify any potential problems coming down the line as a result of previous misjudgments.

Biden inherited a healthy America and is well down the road of turning it into an economic Armageddon.

Biden's supporters know he is suffering from dementia/Alzheimer's disease and will be blaming the results of his woeful NATION-DESTROYING decisions on ex-President Trump for the duration of his tenure.

With the White House and the mainstream left-wing media covering for Biden's madness it doesn't bear thinking about how the economic landscape will look by 2024.

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