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You need to go to college is a scam


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Not everyone is meant to go to college. Some people just are not intellectual enough and that's okay! We need people to still do manual labor and service jobs- and they cannot all be filled with teenagers. My mom actually worked in a poor school district that prioritized getting as many of their kids into college as possible. As virtuous as this sounds, many ended up failing out after 1 or 2 semesters. Some people are meant to not go to college.

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You need to go to college is a scam

Hello bront:

Is it ignorant to think ignorance is a good thing?? Not where I live. Is NOT knowing something better than knowing something?? Noooo, of course not.. Who, in the world, thinks being DUMB is better than being SMART?? Bumfukians?? Proly..


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Let's be clear. College itself is not a scam. It is an investment to make a return on; it is a specific stepping stone for specific goals. It is not the ticket to the good life. It is not the only way to make good money. If you know what you want to do with your life and your career goals require a college degree, then you need a college degree. No way around it. If you're going to college for any other reason you're throwing your fucking life away.

And yeah, anyone that ever gave you the blanket advice of "you need to go to college" is full of shit. You want to reduce college debt? Stop sending kids with no grasp of how money works into a predatory system designed to trap them in debt for decades and giving them something in return that they won't even fucking use.

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