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I LOVE my doctor I LOVE the Pharmaceutical co
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Your doctors prescription, or the drug makers advertisment?

I LOVE my doctor

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I LOVE the Pharmaceutical co

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My doctor has a sign in her office: "Ask your doctor if a TV diagnosis is right for you." That about sums it up. ;-)

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Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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Democrat is that the doctor that your Obama prescribed for you.

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Kodiak(30) Clarified
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Jews ware origanally black. How did they become white you ask? They had sex with white people.

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Your own doctor will have a comprehensive profile of your general health and what impact prescribed medications could have on any other underlying health issues you may have.

It's the real life doctor whose advise you should follow and not Doctor Google.

Sack the Quack.

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Here is what the Black Jew said :

If you're ill, do you believe your doctor will prescribe the RIGHT medicine, or does the manufacturer know what the RIGHT medicine is?? I ask because I have faith that my doctor knows MORE than the drug maker..

Dummy if it was not for the drug manufacturer would your doctor be able to prescribe you medication. Democrats are stupid and you are a shining light.

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Sadly, they probably will turn out to want to give you the same damn pills. Why?

Because as many millions as the pharma companys pay to advertise their drugs to you, they pay way, way more to advertise them to your doctor. Why would't they? The doctor is the one who makes the choice of what you need. Smoking hot 23 year old female pharma reps will show up at hospitals to give doctors free lunches, gifts, all sorts of shit just to put their name out. This happens, frequently. And it works.

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Exactly .

Side: I LOVE the Pharmaceutical co