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Your favourite culture?

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German culture; I really like their traditional food. Also, I admire that Germany has almost always been a leader in technology and societal development.

If I had to choose a culture other than German, I would choose Icelandic. Once again I admire that country has been at the forefront of societal development.

It would definitely have to be German, or Gaelic. Big fan of the food, love the ancient mythologies, love the languages, etc.

But I am definitely currently most interested in Indian culture.

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LOL how you call British food bland but you love that of the Sausage eating Krauts. German food is like bratwurst. A tasteless, pale coloured sausage with some weird cabbage, sauerkraut in a bun. Lovely.

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I never called German food the most the most flavorful, but to call British food flavorful and then wurst or schnitzel "tasteless" is pretty hilarious.

You know nothing about German food either. Why are you so determined to comment on cuisine that you don't know anything about? If you love all things British, that is fine. But your experiences with other cultures is so limited that you have no legitimacy when criticizing them.

British culture. It is very diverse.

You have England with it's fabulous breakfasts, roast dinners and interesting literature and history and of course is the birth place of the world's most widespread language. Then of course you have London with all of it's cultural attractions.

You have Wales with it's quirky but awesome culture and it is a really natural place. You also have Scotland which has haggis which is amazing and also they invented the deep fried mars bar and their accent is so entertaining.

Britain also has fish and chips which is lovely.

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Well if ancient cultures count i'd say Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

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Probably Greco-Roman culture .

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Indian culture: As I am myself an Indian, I honour it's culture. And Indian culture is the best among all the other cultures because it has so much diversities and is versatile. It disciplined, makes life real, thinks different and broad and moreover, it is one of its kind!

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the Indian culture : its cool and , like other cultures its unique for its uniqueness ...

Well South-African culture has diversity,vibrance and the cuisine is superb,especially the Durban sea-food;A tourist heaven as the culture is multi-sexual , mutli-colour and the natives are highly friendly.