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Your mate is the co-star of the newest Hollywood Romance.

Is his/her participation in fleshly love scenes infidelity?

If you answer yes, state your dissent.

If you answer no, state your consent.



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Well yes ofcourse it's infidelity.

It's just upto the partner whether or not they're ok with it.

It's kind of like swinging.

Except they're not old with saggy balls or tits. :D

I myself am not ok with another man touching MA WOMAN!!!

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The sex scenes in films are not real - they are simulated. Why would I worry about her being in a fake love scene?

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lawnman(1106) Disputed
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So, you’re telling us that your mate’s erect nipples are not real and they are simulated? Also, are you telling us that her tongue is not bathing the flesh of another man and it is simulated? Do you also suggest that her obvious sexual arousal is simulated and is the consequence of good acting? And alas, the tongue that fondles your mate’s hard nipples is simulated.

Oh, there is much stimulation in that love scene, but I certainly can’t infer it is simulated.

(Obviously, all of us are aware we are not watching sex scenes, for if we were we could see the act of sex. However, what we are seeing is the rituals that immediately precede sex. And hence the same is not a sex scene, it is a fore-play scene.)

Would you worry if it is only fore-play?

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TERMINATOR(6779) Disputed
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Is that infidelity? They are not engaging in intercourse.

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Hollywood insinuates fiction. If Fiction=Fake Romance, then fake romance=delusional infidelity.

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Dear ally, I believe my explanation to be superior.

Yours is assuming that coitus is actually happening between the two stars - as I stated, scenes involving intercourse are simulated. If coitus was actually happening, regardless of the truth of the romantic aspect, I would be against it - it would be infidelity whether or not the spouse desired it as such.

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The is, "It depends." But that choice was not available so...

You have to take into consideration that in a marriage, decisions are idially made by the couple. If the couple agrees to go forward, then it is not infidelity. If the individual decides to go forward in spite of the mate's objection, then it is.

People should define why they are in a particular relationship and that should define the proper behavior.

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You'll notice that both consent and dissent are listed in the description as a consequent.

Nonetheless, I suspect there are not a few males who fear being "cut-off" in the negotiation.

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