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 Your perfect world... (14)

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Your perfect world...

if you could dream up your own perfect world what would it be like?

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Here's mine as an example:

British Empire is back and any country that was ever part of it becomes a colony again.

Britain is morally suprior than any other country in the world

Britain has the best navy in the world

Britain has the best technology in the world


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-Cake for everyone

-No famine, war, or disease

-Every woman is at least a C cup.

-Mandatory siestas

I think that about covers it...

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"No famine, war, or disease"

They goes the industries of medicine, military and charity.

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They goes the industries of medicine, military and charity.

None of those things would of ever existed anyways if there wasn't any famine, war, or disease. There would be no need for them.

Bohemian(3861) Disputed
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If they are no longer needed, then that is a good thing.

Everybody pretty much thinks like me ;)

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I own everything.

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I'd have an endless supply of Skittles and they'd be perfectly healthy food.

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No illnesses, peace and lots of money and love everyone !

My perfect world would have to be where everyone could be with who thy loved without the discrimmination, a world where everyone has the chance to get everythng they wanted. Everyone would be a happy kid.

Free Markets

Free Minds

More Golf courses

Dt Mt Dew