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 Your thoughts on making religion completely illegal (17)

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Your thoughts on making religion completely illegal

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I think that would be a pretty stupid thing to do... you can't force people to not believe.... And why would we even want to try to? I'm agnostic but I respect those who believe... just as I expect them to respect me.

I bet if you allow me i can convert you to pantheism. Go on let me try, i won't mention america once, i promise.

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Two things:

1- I have a general idea of what Pantheism is and I'm not necessarily in disagreement with it but I think I'll pass on you or anyone trying to convert me to anything.

2- This reply never showed up in my argument feed, I just happened to come across it. This has happened before so I wonder how many replies I have never received? On a site with very light traffic, it would be nice to get notice of all activity directed at me.

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I didn't mean people not believe. Just keep it completely private

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Oh, okay... but no, I don't think they should have to keep it private. That sounds a little too much like what they make people to do in communist countries.

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Not to mention that the constitution specifically forbids such a ban, I think it would be completely idiotic. This attempt to control other peoples beliefs is contrary to the vary notion of personal liberty.

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Although I find the idea of it completely appalling, and the Constitution doesn't allow it, it might be interesting.

If religion was made illegal, it would only make it grow. That's what history has taught. Oppression usually weeds out false religions (being religions set around control and not spiritual enlightenment), leaving only true religions to flourish.

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Pardon me, I do not usually say these kinds of things, but this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

No one has the right to make that decision for an individual.

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Absurd, ludicrous, preposterous, outrageous, senseless, impossible, insane... actually, its quite amusing. What is this debate even about? Oh yes, moronic asinine ignorance.

ricedaragh(2498) Disputed
1 point

Ignorant, impulsive, petulant, belligerent, this is what your post is.

By the way moronic and asinine are technically the same thing and ignorance is what I believe you are displaying. The moderator is positing a hypothesis, an interesting one, but a hypothesis that has no grounding in reality or reason, it does however make for an interesting point of discussion, one that could easily be discussed at length, without hurting the feelings of the religious.

Billie(790) Disputed
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Well of course it is interesting to you, as you are an atheist therefore would be in your element if religion was wiped out. Sure, moronic and asinine are the same thing, I was including all the negative words that popped up first in my head, so now I think it is yourself who is displaying ignorance at its fullest by judging with no facts. Discuss away, I was merely posting my interpretation of the debate which is perfectly acceptable as this is a debate site with a high level of free speech.

P.S. Yes, I am a rather impulsive person. Since when did that become a negative? I don't quite think I was belligerent either, nor was I ignorant. Furthermore, by stating I am all that to get back at me, wouldn't that make you petulant?

It is interesting to think that something like religion could be made illegal, and sort of has a dystopian feel to it, Would it be no more organized religion or complete control over every person's life to make sure they conduct no religious practices?

An international force set up to monitor and an underground movement of the religious, it would make a great book or movie or both, like Nineteen Eighty-Four.